Want the basics? My name is Dana, I’m a recent grad from Northwestern University, and I like fashion. And vintage. And vintage fashion. But you obviously knew that!

I absolutely adore 1940’s jazz, 1950’s furniture, 1960’s movies, and 1970’s clothing.

I live in Chicago, and I really do think it’s the greatest city. Aside from Las Vegas, and Paris, and probably any city in Greece. But that’s it.

I appreciate the elegance of high-end fashion and the nostalgia of vintage clothing, but my favorite is when the two come together.

There was no Internet in the Seventies, but you can reach me by email or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

5 thoughts on “me”

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  3. Thank you for the like.Your blog is a great read – I love vintage as well.

  4. this is Just the most Adorable blog – coming back again soon (especially if there’s more vintage Clara Bow in-the-classroom – delicious).

    waving from inside a skyscraper in manhattan.

    _teamgloria xx

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