Spotlight: Joni Mitchell


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1246472498-joni-mitchellHappy Birthday (tomorrow) Mom!

Quintessential Songs: WoodstockRiverCalifornia

Musical Style: One of the original folk rock musicians, Joni brought her West Coast free-love vibe to the mainstream, penning the anthem for the greatest music festival of all time, despite not even being there. Unlike many singers then and now, Joni had both the looks and the talent to make it big, and she was (and still is) widely respected by her peers and fans. Whether she wanted all of the attention, however, is another story.

Quoted: “My individual, psychological descent coincided, ironically, with my ascent into the public eye.”

Fashion Style: Joni’s look easily made her the poster child of the ’60s hippie movement, with her long straight hair, face free of makeup in favor of natural beauty, and a penchant for loose and gauzy pieces of clothing. More often than not, Joni performed sans shoes with only her guitar and her beautiful voice.

Legacy: Joni Mitchell is noted as one of the strongest influences in popular music and may very well be remembered as the most important female recording artist of the late 20th century. Until then, she will continue to write poetic and socially responsible songs for us to enjoy.

Spotlight: Leonardo DiCaprio


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leonardo dicaptio the great gatsbyMost Famous Role: Titanic, 1997

Most Fashionable Role: The Great Gatsby, 2013

Memorable Movie Quote: “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love…”

The Look: As one of the most tortured and hotly contested characters in literary history, Jay Gatsby is an enigma. Upon first glance, he appears to epitomize everything that is vain and shallow about the 1920’s upper crust. Yet as the character develops, we realize that his innocence and ambition come from a place of deep goodness rather than selfish desires like everyone else in the novel. Leo (we’re clearly on a first-name basis) is the perfect actor to play this conflicted character, himself an innocent boy trapped in a burgeoning man’s body. To me, Leo will always be the young kid with the gorgeous face and swooping hair that I can never have. My solatium, however, is that he revisits that old boyish charm in this role with his pastel suits, slicked-back locks and a self-effacing charm that both the actor and the character often wear as a mask.

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Beyond Beauty: Twiggy


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twiggyWhile I have always admired the idea of a supermodel, I can honestly say that I’ve never wanted to be one. Yes, the free clothes and close personal relationships with fashion designers would be incredible, but I have never desired to look like any of the trussed up models I stare at on the pages of my favorite mags – except Twiggy. I admit I am a bit too young to have admired Lesley Lawson in her prime, but from as early as I could understand what a model was, I have loved Twiggy. Between her signature slicked back pixie cut and her wide-eyed, wide-lashed stare, Twiggy was a ubiquitous figure of the Sixties – epitomizing everything that was swinging about the decade. So today, on this sunny Sunday, let’s take a look back at the gorgeous Twiggy:

1960's twiggytwiggy beauty

twiggy model

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Retro Recommendation: Dick


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dick movie posterIt’s amazing to me how many jokes were lost on me as a kid when I re-watch my favorite movies now. Without a doubt one of the biggest innuendo-laden flicks that I innocently laughed at was Dick, the 1999 farce spoofing Richard Nixon’s demise and eventual resignation from the White House. Starring two of my favorite actresses, Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams (before either were ‘serious actors’), this movie was as hilarious to me at ten years old as it is now, only now I understand all the porn and pot references a lot better. Oh, the loss of innocence…

dick movie deep throatOnto the movie! A diapason of Seventies music, fashion and cultural references, this was made for vintage lovers with a sense of humor which, HELLO, is me. Taking place from the perspective of two ditzy high school girls who have a hand in the Watergate cover-up scandal in the most surprisingly hilarious ways (hint: they are appointed the “official White House dog walkers” after unwittingly seeing important documents shredded), the movie is loose with historical accuracy but manages to tell the same story nonetheless. Great cameos by Will Ferrell, Dave Foley and Ryan Reynolds make this a definite Retro Recommendation for your next Netflix night!

dick movie 1999Now, the fashions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled this movie for daily style reference. It is not only a pitch-perfect representation of the era, but also a gorgeous well of inspiration for today. The plaid dresses, tree-print pants, and flower power earrings may be a little too kitschy but the crochet, tie blouses and suede bags would all work perfectly on next season’s runways. The ending scene, in which an American flag is cut up and sewn back together to create amazing Americana-inspired ensembles, perfectly encapsulates the innocent-yet-raunchy theme of the movie that makes it such a classic!

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Definitive Designer: Coco Chanel


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01u/24/arve/g1867/098“Fashion is made to become unfashionable.” – Coco Chanel

coco-chanelWhat can possibly be said about Coco Chanel that has not already been said? Arguably the most iconic and successful fashion designer of all time, Chanel did for women’s fashion what few others were able to achieve – she made it wearable. Coming off of the early 20th century, when women were still expected to wear corsets and full skirts on every occasion, Chanel pulled inspiration from men’s clothing and casual “sportswear” to create something revolutionary.

coco-chanel-van-weesmeisje-tot-haute-couturier_1000x667While some may have taken this kind of rebellious silhouette and coalesce it into a bohemian jumble, Chanel incorporated pearls, jewelry, stripes, and perfume into the mix so as to never let the masculine aesthetics of the collection overwhelm the feminine ones. Her designs were so popular that she was able to pay back her investors within a year of opening her Deauville boutique.

coco-chanel_sleeveBy the 1920’s, Coco developed her couture houses across Paris to mesmerizing success that lasted until 1939, when she closed her shops due to WWII. The Coco Chanel brand was not re-established until the 1950’s (albeit, shakily) but the house continued successfully until Coco’s death in 1971. Between the ‘little black dress‘ and Chanel No. 5, it is safe to say that everything Coco touched turned to fashion gold, so the question of her replacement was a difficult one. The answer came in the equally detail-oriented and forward-thinking Karl Lagerfeld who is still running the house, oh-so-beautifully, today.

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Celebrity Looks of the Week: Summertime Style


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1930s summer fashionThe best part of summer? No, not the BLAZING heat and the propensity for burns (I am a lobster right now). The clothes! I am most in my fashion element in the fall, but summer is a close second – give me a sundress, shorts, and breezy tank tops any day of the week and I’m a happy girl! However, it can sometimes be hard to not wear a bikini to work and since that is (apparently) frowned upon, I turn to celebrities for weekday inspiration. Here were some of my favorite summertime looks this week (via Vogue).

Gisele Bündchen in Los Angeles

gisele bundchen summer fashionGisele always looks chic – whether on the red carpet, or paying a parking meter in L.A. I love this simple and clean summer outfit for a casual day at work or running errands.

Gisele Goes Vintage: Floral Print Boxy Blouse, 1970’s Levi’s White Jeans, 1980’s White Flats

Victoria Beckham in London

victoria beckham summer fashionI am a firm believer in wearing black during the summer – I can never give up my favorite color for too long! I love how Posh Spice dressed down her monochrome look with ankle boots and a casual fedora (yes, this is V.B. going casual)…

Victoria Goes Vintage: 1980’s Leather Biker Jacket, Spanish Caravan Hat, 1980’s Black Ankle Boots

Emma Roberts in West Hollywood

emma roberts summer fashionThe ’90s are back and Emma Roberts is proof! I’ve always been a fan of a flowy sundress paired with ankle boots, so I’m really loving this whole drop-waist and bootie concoction.

Emma Goes Vintage: 1980’s Woven Hobo Bag, 1990’s Floral Sundress, 1970’s Black Leather Booties

Definitive Designer: Jeanne Lanvin


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jeanne lanvin“When you are constantly thinking about new designs, everything you see is transformed and adapted to whatever is in hand.” Jeanne Lanvin

lanvin 1920sThere was something so startling and effortlessly gorgeous about the clothing from the ’20s and ’30s, and a large reason for that was Jeanne-Marie Lanvin, one of the most influential female designers of the time. Similar to Coco Chanel, but with less of a Jacobin aesthetic, Lanvin was a fan of intricacies. The embroideries and decorations in her first collection are still woven throughout the design house by modern-day master Alber Elbaz.

lanvin arpegeStarting with beautiful dresses and separates for daughters, Jeanne Lanvin’s talents were quickly recognized and she began making matching clothing for mothers as well. There was a modernity mixed in with the feminine sensibility that had, up until that point, not been seen very often in fashion. However, the root of Lanvin’s passion was in perfume and she launched her signature fragrance, Arpége, in 1927.

lanvin mother and daughterFittingly, much of Lanvin’s designs and ideas were inspired by her young daughter Marguerite. The energetic and frantic liveliness of youth is something the Lanvin design house has always kept in tact, despite the maturity of each collection’s lines and patterns. Upon Jeanne’s death in 1946, Marguerite gave up her career as an opera singer to run her mother’s empire, and she continued her legacy of effortless glamour and timeless beauty.

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Monthly Mood Ring: June


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june 2013Wow, so it’s been a long time since I did one of these, right? As I approach my two-year anniversary of starting this blog, I’m trying to get back into regular posting-mode, but I’m all ears if there are certain posts you want to see, so feel free to let me know in the comments! So…June. Typically a month full of warmth, sunshine and days spent at the pool. Yet, as I write this, I can’t help but look out my window at the overcast skies and wish that my building hadn’t turned off the heat yet. Oh well, at least summer TV is back, so things are looking up!

  • The ‘Gram: I spend a lot of my time looking for vintage inspiration and staring at gorgeous pictures from the past, so Shrimpton Couture’s Instagram is basically a wealth of beauty for me!
  • The Shop: NYLON Magazine has always been one of my favorite publications, and their themed shops are so perfect. This month? Some Breakfast Club inspiration (cue Simple Minds).
  • The Memoir: A Bob Dylan book in the works? Sign me up!
  • The Blog: I have a feeling that Lilah, the brilliant mind behind Part Nouveau, and I are secretly soul sisters.
  • The Look: It’s my great aspiration to perfectly channel a boho-chic Summer of Love inspired look at the pool.
  • The Inspiration: Speaking of amazing summer style…hello Lolla!
  • The Muses: I love it when fashion designers take cues from the past for their current collections – just another confirmation that vintage style is very much here to stay!
  • The Classic: With all the controversy surrounding privacy right now, it’s no wonder that George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is rising back up the charts
  • The Collection: A bursting plethora of vintage photographs. Wow.

Historic Haunt: The Beverly Hills Hotel


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vintage beverly hills hotelImage via Stefanie Poteet

Chances are that if you’ve read a gossip magazine in the past 50 years, you’ve heard of The Beverly Hills Hotel. Located on the historic and luxurious Sunset Boulevard, the hotel opened in 1912 and within a few years, it was the go-to places for celebrities to stay and mingle. Once Beverly Hills became a viable option for movie stars to retain some semblance of privacy, the hotel took note and began to cater to these VIPs.

marilyn monroe beverly hills hotelWhile the decor and celebrity guests have changed several times over the years, the hotel has been able to retain its iconic status thanks to bungalows for privacy seekers and a packed Polo Lounge pool area for fame hounds. If the grand walls could talk, it would tell stories of hush-hush business meetings, scandalous affairs and over-the-top events.

beverly hills hotel historyAfter more than 100 years, The Beverly Hills Hotel (or as it’s simply known in BH, The Hotel) shows no signs of slowing its reign over the Hollywood power set – and its legacy will continue to grow for decades to come.

So Sweet: Sweet’N Low Giveaway


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vintage sweet n lowIn honor of the 20th anniversary of the renowned health, fitness, and wellness festival, SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park, I’m giving away an exclusive Sweet’N Low prize package!

Taking place in Chicago THIS WEEKEND on Saturday, June 1st, you guys are invited to join Katie Cassidy (yes, David’s daughter) for a day of fitness and fun! Here is what the prize package contains:

sweet n low giveaway

  • $50 gift card to buy your first bathing suit for the summer
  • Sweet’N Low tote bag
  • Sweet’N Low yoga mat
  • Sweet’N Low towel
  • Sweet’N Low earbud set
  • Sweet’N Low recipe cards
  • Two martini glasses and a shaker
  • Sweet’N Low product

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post using the word SWEET and I will choose a winner at random next Tuesday, June 4th!

Good luck!