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vintage christmas shoppingAre you there readers? It’s me, Dana! I’m so sorry for the length between posts, but time (and by that, I mean work and American Horror Story) has gotten away from me. But…Happy December! Despite the cold, and the snow, and the slush, a part of me really does love winter, especially that magical time right before Christmas when everything is still white and sparkling. So, in honor of this majestic month, I thought I’d put together a vintage shopping guide in lieu of a traditional Monthly Mood Ring. These are all pieces that would be perfect for the vintage-lover in your life or, you know, me.

  1. This bag is perfect for traveling to a warm (i.e. not Chicago) climate.
  2. But really, is there anyone who wouldn’t be psyched to get a vintage tee?
  3. Well this 1950’s opera coat is just amazing, isn’t it.
  4. As a purse addict, I can attest to the 100% necessity of a little black bag.
  5. Remember what I said about purses? Well, shoes are just as important.
  6. The only time I think labels are truly acceptable are on vintage wallets.
  7. I firmly believe that scarves are for decoration, not warmth.